About us

The story of Dr. Ong-ard products began in 2018 when Dr. Ong-ard Phraepanichchai found that his brother and his elderly friends were not healthy. They suffered from a variety of diseases that come with age, such as muscle atrophy and weakness, diabetes, kidney disease, dementia, high blood pressure. When the elderly were sick with these diseases, they normally experienced discomfort and pain. They also needed medical treatments which can be quite costly. Besides, family members had to spend more time taking care of the elderly.

   These events made Dr. Ong-ard Phraepanichchai want to find a way to help make the elderly stronger to reduce health problems. One way to help maintain good health is to eat foods that are nutritious and suitable for each person's physical condition. Hence, he set up 1A Food company to produce food for the elderly and the general public under the Dr. Ong-ard brand.

Who is Dr. Ong-ard?

   Dr. Ong-ard Phraepanichchai graduated in food science from Kasetsart University and went on to study in the United States and at the Asian Institute of Technology. He is highly experienced in the food and beverage industry. He has been a researcher on healthy food. He observed from many countries such as the United States, European countries, Japan, that there are many healthy foods for sale. However, in Thailand, there is not much healthy food for sale. Meanwhile, Thai people became more health-conscious. Therefore, he came up with the idea to develop healthy foods for Thai people. Eating good food will lead to good health which can in turn bring good quality of life.

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