Dementia What does it look like?

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Dementia What does it look like?

Causes of brain degeneration
​    Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia. Compared to total dementia It is a disease caused by certain brain cells dying. Resulting in a decrease in neurotransmitter transmission. Patients with this disease lose their memory and learning. As time passes, the symptoms will gradually worsen. This is because brain cells die more than expected. It  cannot be completely cured. Treatment is to relieve the symptoms of the disease. and support patients to be as comfortable as possible

Stroke is caused by a narrowing of the blood vessels in the brain, reducing blood flow to the brain cells. or there is a tear in a cerebral artery causing bleeding in the brain Pressing on the brain tissue Resulting in the death of some brain cells. Brain abilities decrease In addition to having weakness in the arms and legs poor balance Can't speak clearly as time passes. Dementia problems will follow. The factors that cause this can be prevented are: High blood pressure, diabetes, high blood fat, stress, smoking, drinking too much alcohol, etc.Other causes of dementia such as
Brain infections, AIDS virus, syphilis
The thyroid gland is not functioning properly.
Vitamin B12 deficiency occurs frequently in cases where absorption is impaired.
exposure to toxins or drugs
having a brain tumor
Chronic brain injury or groups of people with a history of having had a serious brain accident before
liver-kidney disorders Chronic, etc.

Factors that cause brain degeneration
aging The more we found the rate of dementia.
Genetics: If someone in the family has dementia This makes them more likely to be at risk than the general public.
Having an underlying disease such as high blood pressure Diabetes, high blood lipids, chronic liver and kidney disease

Drinking alcohol and smoking a lot
Exposure to toxins from the environment, addictive substances
Thyroid disease or parathyroid dysfunction
from infections such as AIDS and syphilis
suffered a brain injury From an accident or from an occupation such as a boxer
Lack of nutrients such as vitamin B12
Hydrocephalus or having a brain tumor


Dr. Sirarat Morrat
Brain and Nervous System Center Phyathai 2 Hospital



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